My Eyefinity Setup

Check out my mega desk at work.

What you are looking at is 3×3 grid of 32 inch vizio tvs. They are connected to a little ol’ computer that is packing two AMD Powercolor HD7870 eyefinity cards.  Technically it could power 12 screens but my wall was a bit small for that. For the record, we couldn’t use the latest AMD drivers either. It kept bluescreening. So I’m running some old out dated one that it wants to update all the time… Thanks AMD.

Before you ask, no, I don’t actually work on that computer. I use it for video monitoring. My actual desktop can be seen in the video though. It’s a nice Dell XPS. It’s running dual 27 inch monitors though. Can’t knock it! Then of course, the 40 inch tv above the desk is a nice touch.

Also, it doesn’t get hot. LED tvs really aren’t that bad.

Chad Burton

Hello, My name is Chad, my handle for the internet people is OutKastz. I play the internet often, it's one of my favorite games and I play to win. Sometimes I even beat my high score. I enjoy .net programming, hardware hacking, and all around tinkering on the computer. I'm a big fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Teslas!