#IfIHadGlass Web Redemption

google glass

google glass

Having tried glass for all of 20 minutes, I’m obviously an expert on the subject. Maybe not, but I’d sure like to be. Google gave us the option to wow them with meaningful #IfIHadGlass tweets/posts/shouts to prove how worthy we were of purchasing the device. Unfortunately, as I said in my first impressions post, I wasn’t among the chosen. Rather than give up, I want to keep with the explorer like spirit of things and pursue my #IfIHadGlass intentions.

Feb 20, 2013 I posted the following:

#ifihadglass I wouldn’t have to wear my “smart watch” anymore. I’d always get flagged at the airport but it’d be worth it. I wouldn’t drop my phone taking videos.

If you break it down there are 3 things I need to accomplish.

  1. Not wearing my smart watch
  2. Get flagged at an airport, but make it worth it
  3. Don’t drop phone while taking videos

Something tells me I should have put more thought in my entry. For starters, I’m no longer wearing my old school Sony LiveView smart watch. This happened because I upgraded my Android version and this caused the bluetooth stack to change which broke the connection to the watch. That and the fact that Sony pretty much abandoned the device. As for getting flagged at the airport, I don’t think I want to do this either way, however something tells me I might already be flagged. Dropping my phone hasn’t really been an issue. When I had my Galaxy Note, I was always very careful and made sure not to drop it just because of how massive the phone was. I’ve since upgraded to the Galaxy S4 and holding the phone isn’t really an issue anymore.

So now what? We’ll I’d like to try again, even if I don’t have glass.  Rather than promise the world, I want to be realistic with my late entry. Here goes:

#ifihadglass I’d develop a useful wait times app for theme parks, this is something I’m passionate about. I’d do my best to “explore” all the local attractions for an awesome first person point of view. I tend to document things well and would do my best to be a tech evangelist for glass, on my blog and in person.

So there you have it! I guess this is my own web redemption of sorts.

Chad Burton

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