Nexus 4 running 4.2.2 ADB Offline

Nexus 4

Nexus 4

So I offered to root my brothers brand new (shiny) Nexus 4 the other night. Would have been as quick as a few commands in ADB. No biggie, right?

For starters, I downloaded the Nexus4Root.zip from Nexus4Root.com, thinking to myself, this should be quick. Oh man was I wrong, their server was sooooo slow and it took forever just to find out the driver was apparently for 32 bit. Suck! I’m running 64 bit. So I go download the universal adb driver pack from Koushik Duttaa (An Android god btw) and I was finally able to get the dang thing installed. Problem solved? Nope, it’s never that easy.

I went to run the first ADB command and I’m told there are no devices online. I’ve had this happen in the past with my T-Mobile G2, so I haven’t lost yet. I’ll just reboot the phone and it’ll come back. Wrong. Apparently in 4.2.2 adb requires permission to talk to the device, and not just permission, RSA signatures. Well, the included adb file in the zip file was out of date, shocker. So now I get to go download the full sdk which is huge (400mb+), which I should have done in the first place. In my defense it’s a  new PC and I wanted a quick root.  In the past, pretty much any old copy of ADB would do the trick.

So the answer here is: Run the latest version of ADB.

Got root and flashed TWRP (love this recovery) then installed the 4.3 leak. He had no clue there was a difference.

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