And…. We’re back!

We're Open!

Back open for… well, we aren’t a business.

After some much needed downtime, we are back! It’s been something like… forever! However, it’s a bit different this go around. This time the blog is more of a tech blabbering instead of whatever it was before. I’m a big fan of the Hack-A-Day and LifeHacker kind of stuff so it could be interesting. Not to mention, I’m a network administrator that will be attending DEF CON in a couple weeks.

That being said, the old crew is more than welcome to post again, but they rarely posted anyhow. I’m sure they’ll pop back up once they randomly view the site.

We do have a new poster though! NickC! I’ll let him fill you in on that. More to come!

Chad Burton

Hello, My name is Chad, my handle for the internet people is OutKastz. I play the internet often, it's one of my favorite games and I play to win. Sometimes I even beat my high score. I enjoy .net programming, hardware hacking, and all around tinkering on the computer. I'm a big fan of the Tampa Bay Lightning and Teslas!