Web Marketing and Design

You must be crazy

She said it, not me.

Web design? You want me to do what?

Hi, my name is Chad Burton. I don’t do web design… anymore! I’m currently a network admin for a local company and more recently have been dabbling with computer security.

So why don’t I do web design? I don’t have to! Meet Jordan Varnadore.

Jordan and I have known each other since as long as we can remember. We did everything together growing up. We both went to the same schools, graduated high school together, you name it. He went off to Ole Miss for business, (ask him about it) and I stayed back gathering as much knowledge as I could about computers and the industry.

Much like our childhood, Jordan and I come up with some crazy schemes and visions of what we’d like to do to make our next billion (or first one really) and sometimes these ideas aren’t too far out there and we give it a shot.
Most of the time, these ideas are websites or some computer program or a combo of the two. Jordan puts together the front end and I, like a good code monkey, hammer down the back end and physically make it come together.

So if you like our work, thanks! It’s not a full time gig for either of us. I do networks, he does insurance. It’s more of a “when we have spare time” kind of thing. However, we likely have some spare time if you want to execute a dream.

I guess that makes us dream makers? Call it what you want. Reach us at chad@outkastz.com or jordan@outkastz.com or dare you email us both?