Best Buy Fixed Price Matching – The Scam Uncovered

As you may have seen in one of my other posts, I’ve got a good sized TV wall going on at work, Nine 32 inch Vizio TV’s sit on my wall. Good? Yes…but we can make it better! On the other side of the office sits Nick. His wall has no TVs. I hope you […]

Topaz Signature Pad Hack

This took place at my old job. We had these old Topaz brand signature pads that they thought were broken. It also explains why these people didn’t have enough money to keep me on… but that’s another story. So rather than toss them out like they were doing, I connected it up to see what […]

Basic Home Automation

This was my first shot at Home Automation. I was new to the game and had purchased some cheap X10 modules. X10 is by far the cheapest solution you can get for basic home automation. It has flaws but I won’t go too far into that. Basically, with X10 you plug a transmitter into one […]

My Eyefinity Setup

Check out my mega desk at work. What you are looking at is 3×3 grid of 32 inch vizio tvs. They are connected to a little ol’ computer that is packing two AMD Powercolor HD7870 eyefinity cards.  Technically it could power 12 screens but my wall was a bit small for that. For the record, […]

Disadvantages or Features of Google Hangouts

In case you missed it, I wrote an awesome article about why I don’t like it when people text me. I was then later informed by my brother that all of the features I mention about hangouts are the reasons why he still uses text messages. Being able to tell if someone has read a […]