Dealer locator Mining – How a bit of code gained lots of leads

I work for a manufacturing company that sells to distributors and occassionally direct to consumers. We deal with a lot of mom and pop stores and many are completely off the grid, no web presense at all. Unfortunately for us, those companies are the most likely to try/buy our product. We search all over the […]

Google Glass – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

At the end of October 2013, I was given the opportunity to purchase Google Glass. Thankfully I did! Google Glass is an amazing device with endless possibilities. I’m going to touch on a few of the experiences I’ve encountered with Glass.  Everyone always posts about features, apps and games. I’m going to post about real […]

Why I returned yet still recommend the Pebble smartwatch

Although I didn’t have it very long, I totally loved my Pebble smartwatch. So why did I return it? Good question. It was loaded with features, games, watch faces, everything.. what more could you want? The answer is simple, Google Glass. The whole reason I purchased the Pebble was because my Glass had been broken […]

Google’s Smartwatch play – confirmed!

Not much is known about Google’s smartwatch play. What we do know is that it is happening and possibly soon. Recently, in Google’s Q3 earnings call, there was a brief mention of smartwatches. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to set the internet on fire. Today, a tipster sent in some pretty strong evidence […]

Droid vs Android

I guess I’ll file this as a rant because it gets me fired up every time I hear it.  The IHeartRadio advertisements on the radio say “Download the iheartradio app for your droid” or similar and it drives me nuts that a company so large could be so clueless. They aren’t the only ones doing […]