How to gain root and enable tethering on Android N Preview

So, I would consider myself an early adopter. I did the whole Google Glass thing, I had a smart watch before it was cool and I got to play with HTC’s Vive well before the release date. So, I think the title would be fair. When Google announced the Android N Beta Preview to the […]

Digit – Automated money saving that doesn’t get in the way

Alright, so full disclosure. Although I’m posting my affiliate link, Digit didn’t ask me to write this article. I’ve been using Digit since it’s debut (a little over a year) and have been quite pleased with the results. For those unaware of Digit, it’s a way to save money without it interrupting your cash flow. […]

Lead Generation by Dealer Locator Dumping/Mining/Extracting

I’ve been getting a lot of emails after my initial findings with dealer locators. That being said, I’m going to start offering the service of “dumping” a public dealer locator. I say it like that because although it seems shady, it’s actually public data and by all means legal. If the dealer locator is eligible […]

Custom tracking systems improving return visits – Concept

Originally, this was going to be a rant about my eBay items tracking number taking me back to eBay to view the shipping status. Why not send me to the carrier? USPS/UPS/FedEx all have very detailed tracking systems on their website. Then I thought about it, Amazon does this and so does Newegg and I’m […]

Latest method to get free Gogo Wifi [DISCLOSURE]

Ever stuck on a plane and need some internet to pass the time? If you are like me then you would consider that every time. On my last flight to Defcon I was able to find yet another method of gaining free internet while on board. Be sure to check out my previous method. How […]