Football App for PTZOptics Cameras Gets TigerVision Tested

We had our spring football game Friday night. I finally had the opportunity to get some real world tests with our fancy new PTZOptics 30x camera. I used a combination of tools to run the camera, my custom visual basic app for PTZ control, the PTZOptics app for advanced camera settings, and a xbox controller […]

Particle Photon/Spark Core + LCD Keypad and PTZOptics Controls – Part 1

Small electronics? Sign me up! Personally, I really like the Particle Photon. They are essentially an Arduino with WiFi, and because of this, you get a lot of extra cloud perks. That’s for another discussion. I know there are likely cheaper ways to accomplish this same thing, but I really like these devices. I’ve been […]

PHP+HTML Website Stub for Quick Website Creation – Tutorial

I build a lot of websites. Over the years I’d say I’ve made a few hundred sites for all sorts of clients. Clearly, wordpress is the leader when it comes to putting together a quick website without any real features. It also comes with the need for updates, lots of them. This can be a […]

Building Tigervision – Live Sports Broadcasting at the High School Level

Disclaimer: Tigervision is a team of 10-20 volunteers on any given day. Our volunteers range from business owners to insurance salesmen, tech moguls, elected officials, government workers and even music ministers. All funding is from sponsors, or out of pocket. We are fortunate to have what we have. Thanks to everyone who has helped with […]