At the end of October 2013, I was given the opportunity to purchase Google Glass. Thankfully I did! Google Glass is an amazing device with endless possibilities. I’m going to touch on a few of the experiences I’ve encountered with Glass.  Everyone always posts about features, apps and games. I’m going to post about real life reactions.

Week one with Glass
I’m a celebrity in my own mind. Wearing Glass was something I looked forward to every morning of every day. Going to new places and trying new features topped my list. Constant thoughts about additional features and types of apps I’d make. The mirror-api was the only documented way to create apps. With so few applications available for the prototype device, I began developing and reading every morsel of information about the device. It totally consumed me.


Door opener
Within my first 2 hours with Glass I had taken it to IAAPA, the theme park trade show in Orlando. This is where vendors, would be start ups, ride techs, dreamers and dare I say “imagineers” demo the latest products, games, and technology that you could see at a theme park. Walking from booth to booth, I couldn’t make it 10 feet without getting stopped by someone asking for a demo. Keep in mind the people I am surrounded with… these are people who make fairy tales come to life. They wanted to talk to me?!? Nah, they just wanted to check out glass, but it’s a pretty slick door opener. If I was there pitching something I would have had open ears from literally everyone I came in contact with.

But, everything isn’t always perfect. This is real life after all. Nothing goes as planned…

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Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch

Although I didn’t have it very long, I totally loved my Pebble smartwatch. So why did I return it? Good question. It was loaded with features, games, watch faces, everything.. what more could you want? The answer is simple, Google Glass. The whole reason I purchased the Pebble was because my Glass had been broken for nearly a month. I didn’t buy it as a replacement for Glass, it was to be used in addition to Glass. Why would I want Pebble and Glass?

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Google watch render

Google Watch render by

Not much is known about Google’s smartwatch play. What we do know is that it is happening and possibly soon.

Recently, in Google’s Q3 earnings call, there was a brief mention of smartwatches. Although it wasn’t much, it was enough to set the internet on fire. Today, a tipster sent in some pretty strong evidence coming directly from Google’s servers. It appears that buried deep within the CSS on the page there is a placeholder for “Watches”

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Droid Vs Android

The Battle Continues

I guess I’ll file this as a rant because it gets me fired up every time I hear it.  The IHeartRadio advertisements on the radio say “Download the iheartradio app for your droid” or similar and it drives me nuts that a company so large could be so clueless. They aren’t the only ones doing this either, it’s just one that I hear over and over again. I blame Motorola for this, but at the same time, I thank them. I’ll get to my point, I promise. Basically, I want to help people not sound like an idiot when talking.
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You might be reading this and thinking this is just a rehash. I can assure you, this is a new post! We’ve put together yet another TV wall at my office. Two TV walls for a total of 19 TVs in the two person office. 2 3×3 TV walls and a lone 40 incher above my desk. I’ve already explained the process of purchasing the TVs, because lets face it, it’s difficult.  What I didn’t cover was the work that goes into installing the monstrosity.

First, since the wall isn’t solid or very sturdy for that matter, we have to mount some plywood to the wall to help secure the TVs. Before we mount the plywood, we’ve got to paint it to ensure the finished product is pretty.

paint drying

Watching paint dry is more fun than you think

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