Why I returned yet still recommend the Pebble smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Smartwatch

Although I didn’t have it very long, I totally loved my Pebble smartwatch. So why did I return it? Good question. It was loaded with features, games, watch faces, everything.. what more could you want? The answer is simple, Google Glass. The whole reason I purchased the Pebble was because my Glass had been broken for nearly a month. I didn’t buy it as a replacement for Glass, it was to be used in addition to Glass. Why would I want Pebble and Glass?

I had talked myself into thinking it was necessary. In the event that I had a meeting to go to or just wanted to go to the movies and not get interrogated by homeland security, Glass can be a bit much. Not because Glass isn’t awesome (and it is…) people just don’t know enough about it. Glass can be intimidating to some and it’s easy to understand why. No, I’m not recording you or watching a movie while you bore me with your story, however to the uneducated, I might as well be doing that. Rather than purchase another device to do mostly the same thing, I decided to return the Pebble because it was a bit repetitive to get my text messages, hangouts, gmail and more on my phone, watch, and face.  So now I’m challenging myself to educate those around me about Glass and how it can be used in the work place so that it’s not an issue. For those without Glass, the Pebble smartwatch is a great alternative to assimilation. I’m all for wearable tech and within minutes of owning the Pebble I had it synced with all the major services and an awesome VW watch face that I found online.  I will say that if I was going to keep the Pebble, the watch band would have been tossed and replaced with a nicer one. All in all, I highly recommend the watch even though it wasn’t for me.

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