Computer Smarts vs Book Smarts – Get on my level

For starters, I’ll say that I’m a pretty tech savvy individual. Actually, I’m pretty high up there… but enough about me. This post is for those wishing to become “savvy” or better with computers or even land a good paying job with computers. If you literally suck at computers, go to school. Your computer savvy […]

Retina Display vs IPS and Jailbreaking vs Rooting. Don’t believe the hype!

With cool terms like “retina display” and “jail breaking” you too can speak uneducated lingo! So what is the hype? According to Apple, “retina display” is an amazing 326 pixels per inch on a smart phone. However, on a tablet, that very same “retina display” is 264 pixels per inch. It gets better, on a […]

SURGE!!! Feed the rush

Those who knew me back in the day (I say that like i’m 50+) in the late 90’s/early 2000’s know that I had a bit of an addiction to Surge soda.  Once the soda was discontinued in cans/bottles in 2002, I could typically be found in ChuckECheese since that was the last place I could […]

Chromecast – Why I bought one

Today Google introduced Chromecast as well as some other awesome things.  Chromecast is going to change the way we use our TVs. Currently, Chromecast can only do a tad more than your average smart tv (for now). It does YouTube, Netflix, Google Play, chrome browser tabs (in beta) and other apps such as Pandora are […]

Quit Texting Me! Google Hangouts and why it’s better

Ever send out a text and never hear back, just to find out they never got it? Or worse, they lie about never getting it? Gone are those days! For those who haven’t started using Google Hangouts, I suggest you do! Google Hangouts is a merge between their old Google Talk app, Google+, and Babel.  […]